New Things To Come Washburn Rural 2024


Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writer

Washburn Rural High School is having a groundbreaking meeting May 17th at 3:30 P.M. about the construction they are adding onto the school. The $20 million renovation and addition they are doing is to make the school a better learning place for students and to expand the school to not make it so crowded. HTK also assisted the district in obtaining a $750,000 grant for construction in the lower level locker rooms which are FEMA rated. They also designed a 21st century media center that maintains the warmth of a traditional library. Also includes the design of a new top loading, 2,600 seat gymnasium that features a running track around the upper perimeter and also connects to the new weight room facility. 


Some other things they are adding and renovating is a new room signage and way finding are used throughout the building to create a uniform building design. Also the media center features two computer labs, a disappearing AV screen, underground fiberglass ductwork and laser smoke detectors to keep the wood beams and ceiling free from “clutter”. The auditorium and art studios now include a 250 feet balcony. In the commons they are expanding the bank to a full service bank along with Common Grounds and concessions. Lastly they are adding two more science rooms. This is all going to make Washburn Rural High School a better place for the students, teachers, and custodians.