2023 Mens Tennis


Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writter

Winston Mays is a tennis player here at Washburn Rural. He’s been playing tennis for two years now. He started playing because he wanted to try something new and ended up falling in love with it. His favorite part of playing tennis is “smashing balls at people and winning”. His least favorite part is missing the net on a long point. If Winston could play any sport other than tennis he would play either track, baseball, basketball, or football. The professions at Genesis Health Club have pushed him the hardest in his tennis career so far. Winston says that he would play tennis in college if he got a scholarship. He goes to camps and has tennis lessons year round. His favorite celebrity tennis player is Rafa Nadal. Winston doesn’t have a specific pregame ritual.


Another tennis player is Josiah Walker and this is his first year playing tennis at Washburn Rural. He got inspired to play by his other friends who play tennis and thought it was a great idea to join. Josiah likes winning cause it’s a different type of feeling especially since it’s his first season in high school. His least favorite part is the running or any of the conditioning. If he had to pick a different sport to play he would play football because it’s fun to play and he likes watching a bunch of football games. The person who pushed Josiah the most is his dad. Josiah wants to work more on tennis before he thinks about going to college for it. He hasn’t been to any camps or clubs and doesn’t have a favorite professional player but what he likes to do before every game is eat a snack and listen to music