2023 Women’s Soccer Team

Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writter

Rylee Weber is one of the women at Washburn Rural trying out for soccer this year. Rylee is a sophomore and has been playing soccer for 13 years. Her dad put her in soccer when she was just three years old and she’s been playing ever since.

Rylee’s favorite part of playing soccer is the team bonding and running the ball down the sidelines. As most athletes, her least favorite part is conditioning. She likes playing outside mid because she gets the ball more. She also likes crossing the ball to help assist a goal.

Rylee says that her dad pushed her the hardest. He would push her to practice everyday for two years even when she didn’t feel like it. Rylee is not planning to go to college for soccer. She wants to focus more on her education and future because she wants to go to med school and doesn’t want to be overwhelmed with soccer.

When she was little she went to many I.D. soccer camps. Alex Morgan and Carli Loyed are her favorite pro soccer players. Along with many athletes, Rylee has a pre game ritual. She drinks a lot of water the night before, takes ibuprofen throughout the day of the game, makes sure to eat full meals and stretches before the game starts.

Ali Weakland is also a sophomore trying out again for soccer and she has played soccer for over 12 years. She started playing because her mom got her into it and she has liked it ever since. While she played last year and now this year she loves the coaches, team as a whole, and the feeling of winning after a game.

As most people, she hates the conditioning especially having to do it in bad weather since they are running on turf constantly. She likes to play any defensive position such as centre-back, sweeper, and full wing. She feels like she has pushed herself the hardest over anyone because she puts all her time and effort into soccer.

Ali does plan to play in college but doesn’t quite know where she wants to go yet. She also has gone to many ID camps. Currently her favorite soccer player is Alex Morgan who plays as a striker and is captain for San Diego Wave FC. Lastly her favorite pre-game ritual is to blast music before going onto the field.