2023 Washburn Rural’s Track Team


Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writter

Tess Beach is a senior at Washburn who has done track for 6 years. She started track because her favorite middle school teacher convinced her she would be good at it. Her favorite part is the success she has had. Her least favorite part is definitely running. Her favorite event is the 300 hurdles because she’s really good at them. If Tess could change her event to anything else it would be javelin. Coach Nueschafer pushed her the hardest. Even when Tess is in pain or hating a race she is in, Nueschafer pushes her to do her best. She was originally planning to go to college for track, but unless a college gives her a really good offer, she plans to stick to wrestling. She hasn’t gone to any clubs or camps for track. Tess’s favorite track celebrity is Sydney McLaughlin. Her pre-game ritual consists of warming up and pacing a lot and says a prayer when she’s on her block. 


Walker Thompson has done track since 7th grade and what inspired him to play was his older brothers doing track. He likes to compete but definitely hates the weather as most hates it. His favorite run is the 400 and his favorite throw is the javelin. If he were to do another event he would run the 100 meter or high jump. Walker pushed himself the most because he wanted to be the best he could be and wanted to win. He is thinking about BYU for college but is still open to other places. Walker played in some clubs during middle school but now that he got into high school he focused more on football. Johanna Vetter is Walker’s favorite thrower from Germany. Lastly Walker doesn’t have any pre ritual things he does before a meet 


Alexis Fredrickson is another sprinter and she has done track since 7th grade. She was inspired by always loving to run and thought it would be fun to do some track events. Alexis loves the downtime they get during the meets and when she gets to hangout with her friends. What she doesn’t like is the weather because it’s constantly raining so they get delayed or canceled. She is a pole vaulter. If she were to pick another event to do is some throwing like javelin. Mr. Wetzel, her coach, has most definitely pushed her the most through the years. She is not doing track in college, she is going to be wrestling in Oklahoma. Her favorite track runner is Sydney McLaughlin. Lastly Alexis has to warm up 30 minutes before her race and has to take deep breaths before she goes to run.