Washburn Rural Prom 2023

Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writter

Prom is coming pretty quick here at Washburn. People always get confused about who should pay for the ticket or dinner but Gabbie Lattrell thinks that whoever asked who out to prom should pay for the ticket and dinner unless you agreed to pay. She wants the DJ to play less slow songs and more trendy songs that everyone can dance to. Prom can be an event where people feel the need to dress up but Gabbie says to dress up or at least wear formal wear but no jeans. She plans to spend around $300 on prom counting hair and makeup. She would rather go to prom with friends because it’s way better that way but if you bring a date you’re just dragging them to stand around while you talk to your friends or go where they go. Gabbie’s dream promposal is definitely in private and something funny. She thinks there should be an age limit because a lot of the younger kids will ruin parts of the dance due to trying to be funny and mess something up. The way her prom is going to go is getting ready at her friends house then taking photos and eating, they plan to eat at Mcdonalds or Texas Roadhouse. She is really excited for prom this year and is ready to see her friends.


Another student that went to prom is Maria Lopez-Hernandez. She thinks that the guy pays for the dinner and ticket because it’s a nice gesture. She likes a lot of the songs the DJ plays but she wished they would play more romance songs. Maria does think that prom is a place you need to dress up and to not wear normal school clothes or pajamas. She paid about $500 for her hair, makeup, and hair. Maria prefers to go with a date then friends because you get to see your friends at the dance when you get there. She’d want her promposal to happen only if her date genuinely wants to go. Maria does believe there should be an age limit at prom like no freshman or sophomores and no one over 21. How she’s getting ready for prom is wake up, take a shower, clean, skincare, makeup, put her dress on, dinner, pictures and then prom. Maria and her date picked to eat at Ling’s Cafe.