Washburn Rural 2023 Spring Musical

Cora Iarossi and Madalyn Hanks, Writer

Every year at Washburn Rural the theater cast always does a musical. This year it is called 9 to 5 based on a 1980’s movie with lyrics by Dolly Parton. Madison Torrez is one of the cast memes and what got her into theater was transforming into a character onstage. She was very shy when she was younger and theater has brought her to be loud and proud. When Madison was around 6 she loved to sing and act so her mom signed her up for a summer camp at Hellen Hocker and she has continued ever since. She loves this year’s musical and not just because she gets to sing, she loves that she gets to dance and it gives out a message. When she auditioned she wanted to be one of the three lead women but she really wanted Judy and that’s who she got. Judy is a divorced housewife that has never worked a day in her life, but she finds a way to get a job and meets her two best friends. The hardest part of being in the musical is the timing, having to change clothes really quick, choreographing, etc. Madison loves the part of the musical where her character is in the hospital because it’s funny and the cast added their own part just so it would be a little different. What she likes to do before she auditions is watch the show she’s auditioning for, then she picks what part she likes and practices over and over til she is fully prepared.


Kyle Glozbach is another person a part of the crew and he is very new to theater, this is his first year and what got him into theater was a lot of his friends in choir did it so he thought it would be fun and gave it a try. Just like Madison he likes the musical, he says it’s really funny and an exciting show. When he first auditioned he just wanted to be in the ensemble because he didn’t want to be too involved but said he was open to anything. He ended up getting the role of Joe who is an awkward junior accountant, who is also in love with the lead Violet. The hardest part for Kyle is the geography and keeping a straight face for the funny jokes they all have to make but his favorite part is in Act ll when Judy kicks Dick out for good and the singing and dancing is always fun for him. What he likes to do before auctioning he didn’t do much. He was a little late learning the dances and songs because he didn’t go to the workshop so the night before auditions he was rushing to get everything perfect. Lasly Kyle doesn’t have a least favorite part but if he were to say he did it would be the Dolly Parton recording during the bows because it off temp and has weird beats.