Environmental Club


Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

Washburn Rural High School’s Environmental Club is led by teacher Adam Schmitz. Some of his top students/leaders in the club are Korie Hobbard and Lauren Ralston. 

They have designed and created shirts that have a logo on them representing saving the environment.

To take more steps forward, the club has come up with the idea of using disposable trays at lunch. They also have proposed taking the food scraps from lunch and composting them. National Honors Society will also be partnering with the Environmental Club to set up a school-wide composting project and will be responsible for maintaining the event.

The club members will be in charge of advertising the project around the school, making bins, and mixing the compost. All students are allowed to participate by collecting food scraps and paper and placing them in certain compost bins around the school campus.

Every month they will apply four new layers of compost and continue to do that every upcoming month with everything they have collected. 

In order to take a step towards a cleaner environment, do what you can by adding to the compost bins. We are one step closer to a clean Earth.