Programs in the shadows


There are some programs in our school that we don’t really know much about such as the Alternate Education Program, or better known as B3, which is located upstairs at WRHS.

This program is for the students that need a little help getting all their credits to graduate. Contrary to popular belief the B3 program is not part of the special education program and students in the program aren’t allowed to have an IEP. It is full of a lot of polite and hard working teachers.

There is an English teacher, science teacher, and a history teacher. Alongside them there is also a  designated counselor, social worker and principal. They all work together to create an inclusive environment where no one gets left out, no matter how big or small. It provides students with smaller, more personalized settings to help students success.

Another program that isn’t as well known is the Auxiliary team, formerly known as the Color Guard.  They are a spirit squad that is part of the marching band. Although people don’t give them the acknowledgement they deserve, it is greatly appreciated by many others and all 19 members this year work extremely hard. They practice two hours every morning and two afternoons after school in order to be ready for their marching competitions and performances.