Lifetime Fitness

Emma Schroeder, Writer

This year, a new class was added to WRHS physical education department. Lifetime Fitness is an opportunity for students to be exposed to a broader range of exercise besides typical sports and cardio. Senior Lillian Issitt was happy with the chance to learn new ways to stay active. 

“In class we do a variety of different exercises like Tabata, Yoga, and even stuff like kickboxing. So we get to work different muscles and in different ways than normal which helps with muscle and strength and flexibility too,” Issitt said. 

She was also glad that this class allows her to be more in control of her own routine. 

“Lifetime Fitness is different from normal PE because it is more focused on working out rather than team games. Everyone gets to do things at their own pace too, so I like that aspect of it,” Issit said. 

Issitt is an avid runner and part of the Cross Country and Track teams, so she exercises very often. Her active lifestyle gives her a unique appreciation for the curriculum. 

“My favorite type of exercise was probably yoga or kickboxing because it was different from my usual workout routine and it was fun as well,” Issitt said. 

Anyone who is interested in this new class and staying active should consider signing up. Although WRHS students are not required to take a physical education class beyond freshman year, it is a great opportunity to establish a life-long healthy lifestyle. 

“I don’t think that people should be required to have a PE class all four years, but I do think that for those that enjoy fitness or would like to get in better shape, PE classes are a great option,” Issitt said.