Student Spotlight: 2023 Women’s Basketball


Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writer

Washburn Rural’s women’s basketball team is one of the biggest shows to watch because everyone gets so excited and supportive. Karlee Horyna is one of many varsity girls who has played basketball for six years but unfortunately in her sophomore year she tore her ACL.

Her dad was the one who got her into it by unwillingly signing her up for it when she was younger but now she loves the sport. Karlee loves when she gets the adrenaline from making successful plays or just any good defense. However, she hates the conditioning they have to do. Her favorite go to shot is her free throw.

The person who has supported her is her dad. He has always stuck by her side and has been teaching her since she was young. Karlee plans on going to college for basketball if she gets offers so she can pursue her dream. Every year she goes to the Pitt State and Washburn University camps so she can get better everyday. Her pre-game ritual is that she has to eat a granola bar 30 minutes before each game. Lastly her favorite celebrity basketball player is Stephen Curry because he is a great shooter and she is trying more of her shots.

Another varsity player is Maryah Lutz. She has been playing basketball for about 14 years. She was inspired to play basketball because her sisters played and she wanted to give it a try. One of many things she likes about the sport is traveling around with the team, but she also doesn’t like the conditioning and running. Maryah’s favorite shot is the corner three. The person who pushed her the most was her step dad. For college she doesn’t plan on going but she wants to keep an open mind so she might play basketball in the end. She has been to clubs and camps since her sophomore year and she played for two different teams in KC. Maryah’s favorite professional basketball player is Kelly Ouber. Lastly her pre-game ritual is to sit and listen to music and just get in a good mindset.

Chloe Carlgren is one of the many amazing players that make up our basketball team. Chloe started playing basketball at ten years old. Her parents inspired her to start playing basketball. Chloe’s favorite part of playing basketball is the people she plays with. Like most of the basketball players, her least favorite part is the running. Jump shots and free throws are Chloe’s favorite type of shots. Chloe claims that out of everyone, her parents pushed her the most. Like most basketball players, Chloe has a ritual before any game which is to alway have her hair in a high ponytail.