Student Spotlight; Calvin Hayes


Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this weeks students spotlight we have decided to focus on the Superbowl that is coming up this Sunday. We asked big Chiefs fan Calvin Hayes on his Superbowl experience. 

  • What is your predication for the final score?
    • 35-32 Chiefs.”
  • Whats your favorite superbowl snack?
    • Chips and Queso.”
  • Do you have any superbowl superstitions?
    • We have won every time I have worn a certain shirt, so I will be wearing that shirt for the super bowl.”
  • How do you plan to celebrate if the chiefs win?
    • Probably do something with a group of friends.”
  • If the bengals had beat the chiefs would you be going for them or the eagles in the superbowl?
    • Eagles, because I would have been mad at that the Bengals for beating us.”