Student Spotlight: Madeline Carter

Mia Taggart and Hadlie Brady

For this week’s student spotlight I have decided to focus on our 2023 Queen of Courts candidate. I have talked to Senior Maddie Carter about her nomination and further academic career. 


  • Who were you nominated by? 

“I was nominated by the Track and Field Team.”

  • What piece of advice do you have for younger high school students?

“My piece of advice for younger students would be to stay involved through school and to put the hard work in now as you will always cherish the outcomes.”

  • What club are you in?

“I am in DECA club (business club).”

  • What college are you planning on going to? What for? What major?

“I plan on attending the University of Kansas where I will be on the cross country and track team and plan on majoring in business or science.”

  • What classes would you suggest to underclassmen?

“The classes that I would suggest are criminal justice, comprehensive forensics, and career and life planning.”

  • If you weren’t nominated, who would you vote for? Why?

“If I was not nominated, I would vote for Robert Gigger because he always has a smile on his face and Chloe Carlgren because she is super nice and is always inclusive of everyone.”