Quinn and Jakob McClure: An Act of Heroism


Mia Taggart and Hadlie Brady

Quinn and Jakob McClure were honored by the Topeka Police Department for an act of heroism they displayed when they came upon a car accident with small children inside the wreckage. They were honored for this at the Topeka Police Department Awards Ceremony on January 12. We interviewed Quinn McClure about his experience.

  • What were your first thoughts when you saw the wreck?
    • “That people were in trouble and they needed help.” 
  • Would you have done anything differently?
    • “No, absolutely not.”
  • How would you describe the adrenaline rush you got when helping? 
    • “It hit me and I just jumped into action.”
  • What are your thoughts on the award you got?
    • “It was a super cool thing to get.”
  • Do you have any other thoughts on this topic that you would like to share?
    • “People just need to do better because in today’s world, there are probably not many people that would have helped.”