Student Spotlight: 2023 Men’s Basketball


Cora Iarossi & Madalyn Hanks, Writer

If you go to Washburn Rural High School you have definitely heard the name Tre Morris. Tre started playing basketball when he was five years old. What inspired Tre to start playing basketball was a famous basketball player named Kobe Bryant.

His favorite part of playing basketball is the adrenaline rush you get while playing. He also loves the overall environment when he plays. Tre’s favorite type of basketball shots is the “and one”.  Another one of his favorite shots is a simple three pointer.

According to Tre, his dad pushed him the most. Tre plans to go to Saint Mary’s College to play basketball after he graduates. He has gone to multiple college camps including Saint Mary’s, KU, and Washburn. Tre’s favorite celebrity basketball player is Kobe Bryant. As many athletes do, Tre has his own pre-game rituals. Before a game he likes to get into a quiet space to clear his mind.

JC Heim is another basketball player who has been playing since he was six years old. One of the many things that brought him to like basketball was just watching professional basketball on T.V. He loves the team bonding and how everyone is there for each other but the thing he likes the least is the conditioning.

JC’s favorite shot is the free throw so he can throw the ball from any point behind the free throw line. Even though there were a lot of people there for JC, his dad was the one who was there the most for him and pushed him the most. He doesn’t plan on going to college for basketball. He’d rather go for football.

He went to a few college camps such as Pittsburgh and Washburn University.  One of his favorite professional basketball players is Micheal Jordan and so many others. He currently doesn’t have any pre- game rituals.

Last but not least, Jack Bachelor has been playing basketball since he was four years old so he’s played for about 14 years. What inspired Jack to play basketball was both of his parents played at Washburn University and even his sister plays so it really ran in the family.

His favorite part of basketball is putting in all the hard work, preparation, and of course winning, but he doesn’t like trying to stay in shape even though it is difficult for a sport you constantly run in. Jack’s dad was the one who pushed him the most and has always been there to help Jack to get better.

He does plan on playing basketball in college but currently he doesn’t know where he wants to go. Jack’s favorite professional basketball player is Tyler Herro who plays for the Miami Heat.