Incoming Seniors

Cora Iarossi & Audrey Solis, Writers

The class of 2024 is coming close to being in their senior year. One of juniors Hadlie Brady says she liked any of the sports games that were played here at Washburn Rural. Also her favorite part so far in school is meeting the friend group she has now, she wouldn’t know where she would be without them. She does wish she got more involved with all the activities we have such as different clubs and opportunities. Coach Smith is one of her many favorite teachers because he is funny and always puts her in a good mood when she walks into his class. Currently when she leaves high school she doesn’t know what she really wants to do yet. She has liked her junior year so far.

Another Junior Mia Taggart says she’s excited for the senior year because she wants to be involved with the senior activities. When she leaves high school she wants to do something with criminal justice. Close to what Hadlie said she has liked the school year so far, she branched out and meet new people that are now her best friends. Mia also wishes she could get involved more in the school activities we have here at Washburn. The person who has helped her most is her mom and dad, they keep Mia motivated and focused to do her best in school. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Burdick because he always has a positive attitude and is always there to help her with anything.

Lastly we have Johnny Slinger, what he’s excited for his senior year is to graduate and continue to bigger things. One thing he wished he knew for high school was to monitor the friends he has because he regrets some friendships he had. He wants to go to college to be a neurosurgeon and save peoples lives. One of the many people that helped Johnny at Washburn was Rubi Tejeda, she stayed by his side forever. Another person who helped him was Mrs. Williams because he can tell her everything and still feel comfortable to come back. He learned a lot through the years here but there are some things that he wishes could be changed. Mrs. Williams was his favorite teacher for him this year and so many others.