Haunted places in Kansas part 2


Jonathon Singer

The Albino Women

She haunts the Rochester cemetery and she goes by the name of The Albino Woman. She moved her in 1923 to joining a carnival but instead of achieving that dream, she joined the Stormont School of Nursing and soon became a nurse after. 


She usually passed through the Rochester Cemetery to visit her husband and son that had been buried there. When she passed away in 1967, stories started being told of her being seen at the Clover Leaf Drive-in and she was seen walking under the screen. She often waved to people she knew but a little boy was shopping with his mother once and a mannequin reached out to grab him. Everyone started to scream at the spirit and it leaves through the window.


The Stick man

Topeka has its own cryptid standing at 14 feet tall and resembling a child’s stick figure drawing. His name is The Stick Man kinda like the Slender Man he is seen in the alleys of downtown Kansas. 


It has been seen more than 17 times in less than 10 years including a sighting by a man named Jackson when he was walking on Jackson Avenue. He was traveling home and saw a tall slender figure shaped like a stickman, it started chasing him down the street as he ran. It has also been said to be seen by a homeless man as he was on the street. When he started running it was right after him. He ran all the way to the police station and then it was nowhere to be found. 


Always keep an eye on your surroundings you might even catch a glimpse of this tall stick figure and it might even chase you. 


The Death at the Capitol 

There was said to be a woman that wanted to try to walk up all the stairs of the capitol to get to the top but while majorly exhausted, she fell off of the stairs onto the ground from almost 300 feet. She severed off her left arm and hit the mop bucket of a janitor that was working that late at night. 


When he returned he saw the spirit of that woman in the same place. He was so scared that he quit hit his job at the capitol. He refuses to even go to the capitol building in fear of seeing her. The spirit also tried to shut the vault door on someone. She is said to still haunt the capitol building to this day