Coach Spotlight; Coach Goehring


Golf Coach Jared Goerhing

Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this weeks spotlight we are doing our golf coach; Jared Goehring. I have asked him a few questions on his thoughts on their season and the outcome overall.

  • What would you say was the team’s biggest obstacle this year?
    • We did not return a lot of varsity tournament experience, but through our tough schedule the girls responded tremendously.
  • What are you doing to prepare for the boys season?
    • We will continue to have off-season opportunities for all players to develop their skill set and work on weaknesses that have been identified through their experiences.
  • What have you learned this year that will help you improve for next year?
    • Players need to experience being uncomfortable more often. Things do not always go as planned during a round of golf and how you respond is beneficial for all young players to experience.
  • What were the girls greatest strengths/accomplishments this season?
    • We were an extremely deep team this year that had multiple girls step up throughout the season. We had some career low rounds shot, as well as our 2 lowest team scores of the season at the state tournament.
  • Do you have a favorite event or course that you played on this year?
    • We always look forward to our invitationals that we get the opportunity to host at Wamego CC. It is a very competitive tournament with a very talented field.
  • What techniques or styles do you use to improve the team?
    • We make practices as competitive as possible with weekly qualifying and building a tough, tournament schedule.
  • Do you have a favorite memory from the 2022 season?
    • The girls really started to play their best golf collectively as a team during the postseason. As a coach you always want your teams playing their best come postseason time and I thought our girls did a great job with improving throughout the year.

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