High School Life


Mishayla Diacon is a junior at Washburn Rural High School and has been attending the 437 district since elementary school. Her high school experience has not been the best but her friends make everything at school 10% better. Mishayla had a favorite teacher, Miss.Wasserstein, and Mishayla loved her specifically because she was a nice teacher, she had a fun classroom and just brought a good vibe to the environment.

Mishayla does not like the school lunch that is served here at WRHS and feels it is very repetitive. As a junior in high school Mishayla has to think about her future and what she wants to do in life, and she looks forward these last two years coming to an end so she can pursue her career.

WRHS is filled with a variety of students and another one of ours is Keaton Maddox. He is a junior. He has been attending the 437 district since a very young age. He is very goal driven and has felt his high school experience would have been better if he would have talked to his peers more.

He likes coming to school and making more friends and getting his work done. Mr.Williams was Keaton’s favorite teacher and he helped him alot with getting through high school and giving him the tools he needs to get better at the things he wants to accomplish. Keaton’s favorite part about school is hanging out with his friends.

Ann Stevens is a sophomore at the high school and has been going to the 437 district for as long as she can remember. Ann does not enjoy nor dislike her time here at WRHS, but her friends make her time better. Mrs.Mitchell and Mr.Ellis are also a big part of her life and have helped her very much throughout high school.

She is very excited for next year when she can start Washburn Tech. One of her biggest problems that she feels is not very well taken care of at WRHS is that everybody talks about mental health but she feels not enough time is actually taken to check in on students and to keep their students mental health afloat.