Student Profile; Leah Meek


Mia Taggart, Hadlie Brady

For this week’s student spotlight we focus on our 2022 Homecoming Candidates. I have talked to Senior Leah Meek about her nomination and her further academic career. 

  • Who were you nominated by? 
    • I was nominated by girls tennis.”
  • What piece of advice do you have for younger high school students?
    • My piece of advice for younger kids is to go into everything with an open mind and make the most of your time here.”
  • What club are you in?
    • I am in FCA (fellowship of christian athletes)”
  • What college are you planning on going to? What for? What major?
    • I am going to Kansas State University and majoring in Business Administration or Management!”
  • What classes would you suggest to underclassmen?
    • I think they should take Individual & Team sports, any dual credit classes that they can, and sociology.”
  • If you weren’t nominated, who would you vote for? Why?
    • I would vote for Kate Taddiken because she makes everyone feel known and loved.”