Homecoming 2022


Photo: Bryson Tibbits

This year’s Homecoming is already upon us in this spooky season. The theme of this year’s dance is haunted Homecoming and our Jr. Blues won their game against Emporia. This year’s theme was based on the compatibility with the timing of homecoming being so close to Halloween. The voting for the Homecoming themed doors is in play with so many entries. 

Lilian Clark, Student Council member, had some insight into Homecoming: 

What do you envision this year’s homecoming to be like? 

“We are all hoping that HOCO runs very smoothly this year and that everyone has fun! We envision a good turn out similar to last year and we are excited to see the creativity in the parade floats as we have more submissions this year compared to previous years.” 

Why don’t they do the dance right after the football game?

“There just isn’t enough time to adequately host the dance after the football game on Friday night. Students enjoy taking pictures, dressing up, and going out to eat before the dance, and this would not necessarily be possible if we went straight from the game to the dance. It is also difficult for students participating in events that evening to have time to shower and get ready for the dance.”

How do you plan to get more kids involved in the activities?

“We have been focusing on utilizing our social media accounts to share homecoming information in the hopes that more students will participate. We also doubled the number of posters we hung around the school and put information on our website as well as the daily announcements 2 weeks in advance.”

One of the staff members that was monitoring the Homecoming dance also had a few things to say

What was your opinion on Homecoming and do you think participation was up this year overall for homecoming?

“Yes, I believe it was up because everyone enjoyed the theme.”

Based on the amount of participation and student opinions, this year’s theme is one of the best and was very popular with staff and students.