Football at WRHS


Head Coach: Steven Buhler

Cora Iarossi & Audrey Solis, Writer

Washburn Rural High School is known for its football team and one of our players is Ma’Kenttis Adams. Ma’Kenttis started playing football in seventh grade and quickly learned that this is what he wanted to do in life. The position he plays is running back but he would rather be the quarterback and lead the team to victory. Football helps Ma’Kenttis a lot with his anxiety and as an outlet for his emotions. Football is not just football to Ma’Kenttis. This is his dream and he loves the teamwork, dedication, thrill, and excitement that comes with the sport. Football helps Ma’Kenttis keep up on schoolwork and keeps his body clean. He doesn’t enjoy running but he does hope to get into the college of his dreams playing football.

Jaidyn Sahid is another football player. He has been playing for about three years now. His position is corner and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. He enjoys the environment around him, his teammates and the energy they bring to the field. Football is a love/hate relationship for Jaidyn. He says it’s a good outlet for him to let out his anger. When Jaidyn was asked what does football mean to him he said, ¨It’s more than a sport, its something getting me through high school and it builds relationships inside and outside of school, and I consider these people my family and I’m just ready to get pumped and ready to win.¨ 

Ty Weber is one of the most known football players here at Washburn Rural. He has been playing football since he was in first grade. His position is linebacker and he loves football. He loves just being a part of the family; just being with friends and hanging out relieves a lot of stress. Football helps Ty with having something to focus on and having something to look forward to. Ty is excited for the Homecoming game this Friday and he is very excited because it’s his last year of high school so it has to be the best. Football has given Ty an opportunity to become a good leader and grow into a great person.