Student Spotlight; Jacob Hirschi

Mia Taggart and Hadlie Brady

For this week’s student spotlight I have decided to focus on our 2022 Homecoming Candidates. I talked to senior Jacob Hirschi about his nomination and future academic career. 

  1. Who were you nominated by?
    • “ I was nominated by the NHS.”
  2. What piece of advice do you have for younger high school students?
    • I would tell younger students to take advantage of every opportunity and to respect others.”
  3. Do you have a favorite memory from high school? If so, what is it?
    • I have loved making many memories in basketball, choir, and nutrition club.”
  4. What club are you in?
    • “I am in the Nutrition Club.”
  5. What college are you planning on going to? What for? What major?
    • I am planning on either attending BYU or Hillsdale College to study business. I want to go to dental school after that to become an orthodontist.”
  6. What classes would you suggest to underclassmen?
    • I would suggest any classes that interest you and also ones that challenge you because they’ll make you smarter.”
  7. If you weren’t nominated, who would you vote for? Why?
    • I would vote for Geo or Easton because they’re good friends of mine!”