Haunted places in Kansas


Stull, Kansas

In Kansas there is a town called Stull and it is rumored to have a pretty scary background. In Stull, a group of residents would go to church in a stone building, instead of praising god they would worship satan.

In the basement there was a stairwell that was rumored to be so long that it went all the way down to hell. Many say that rituals were held there at the cemetery or even in the woods. Back in the day multiple people were killed because they were suspected of witchcraft. Since then the church building is mysteriously crumbling and the cemetery remains gated off. 


Old Saint Mary’s Hospital 

Saints Mary’s Hospital served the Manhattan, KS community from 1926 to 1954. In the early 1940s, there was a night duty nurse who thought the elevator was there when she opened the door. Without looking, she backed into the elevator, while pulling a cart. Needless to say, that first step backward was a lulu.

She fell down the elevator shaft, which resulted in her death. Now it’s currently serving as a fraternity house at Kansas State University, the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Some say it’s still haunted because of a spirit known as George who was a patient that slipped in between the wall and the bed and died likes being around the young energy and doesn’t wanna pass over yet but at the same time people think it isn’t because people think the nurse passed over because she realized it wasn’t a hospital anymore.