Student Spotlight; Kiersten Harris


Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this week’s Student Spotlight we have decided to focus on our band members. We have chosen to interview member Kiersten Harris. 

  • When did you first join Band?
    • I first joined the band in 5th grade.”
  • What instrument did you choose to play back then and why?
    • I played the french horn. I’ve always enjoyed the smooth and passionate sound it.”
  • Would you recommend this to other students?
    • Due to the structure of the horn, sound can be changed with both your hands and keys, so I recommend this instrument for students looking for a challenge.”
  • What is your favorite song to play on your instrument?
    • My favorite song to play has always been Amazing Grace.”
  • What is your favorite memory from being in a band?
    • “My favorite memory of being in band was placing 9th at KBA (essentially our state competition for marching band). It was highest we’ve every placed.”

After Hearing from our band members and how they got to where they are today we can give them a big thanks for making our games much more fun and exiting!