Student Profile; Hayden McWilliams

Mia Taggart and Hadlie Brady

For this week’s student profile I interviewed sophomore Hayden McWilliams. She has been playing soccer for awhile now but due to tearing both of her ACL’s she is just now getting back on the field. On the second day of tryouts here at Washburn Rural High School for girls soccer Hayden had another injury occur with her meniscus, all this after she had made varsity in her first year of playing high school soccer.

  1. How has all of this affected you mentally?  “Its been hard but this injury is a lot more minor so that’s a positive.”
  2. How long will the recovery take and when do you think you will start playing again? “Ill be cleared in about a month and start practicing in about three weeks.”
  3. Are you scared to start playing again? “Yes, but I’ve played against much more serious injuries so I know how to get around being scared to play.”
  4. Who has been your biggest supporter through this long journey? “My dad was a big supporter and never put any pressure on me to go back to soccer.”
  5. How long have you been playing soccer? “ I have been playing for 13 years.”
  6. Would you consider playing in college? “I’ve considered it. I’m leaning more towards no but its always a possibility.”
  7. What has the team done to help you with this? “They have been super supportive, texting me how I’m doing, whats going on, things about practice, it’s all been really sweet and helpful.”
  8. What are your thoughts on playing on varsity with your sister, Hunter McWilliams, for her last year?  “I’m really excited to play with her, it’s something we’ve wanted to for a long time.”

In almost a month we will see our Lady Blues soccer team against Blue Valley at home. We hope to see Hayden on the field!