Circle Of Friends

Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

  1. What is your club about? “ It is about students of all abilities taking over space together here at WRHS and in the community. Students with and without exceptionals are brought together under a circle of friends to create bonds and friendships that extend to field trips, the homecoming parade, extracurricular activities, lunchtime, before and after school, the hallways, summer, and relationships after high school. These years, our special education students make some of the best memories and that’s why we need other students to come and help build those memories. Any way you choose to participate, our club is all about building memories for a lifetime and feeling like you have a place to belong!”
  2. What activities do you do in your club? “We play basketball, talk, do the parachute, play catch, go on various field trips, including festival of trees and bowling alley party. Our latest field trip was at the Great Overland Station, to see the T-Rex skeleton!”
  3. Would you recommend this club to new incoming students? “ I would definitely recommend the club. Come to gym A!”
  4. When did this club first start? “It started about 15 years ago, when two special education teachers saw the opportunity to increase inclusive relationships throughout the school with other students.”
  5. How would you convince more students to join your club? “You will love the opportunities for friendship and just feel welcome.”