Who is your ‘Perfect Match?’


Image from: Britanica

Lily Escalante, Writer/Editor

After Valentine’s Day, we’re all in need of some affirmations. Today, we’re manifesting the perfect pairs. Ladies and gentlemen, here are our top picks for the best couples! 

First up for the best duo, Aries and Gemini. This pair is friends first, couple second. They’re incredibly dynamic but have a whole lot in contrast. While they’re different in more ways than one, they work seamlessly together. This duo is energetic, intelligent, and neither are afraid to chase goals no matter how unpractical. Gemini’s communication skills and need for freedom makes them do their own thing. But they’ll never leave Aries in the dark. When it comes to Aries, their unique and enthusiastic spirit means there’s never a boring second in their relationship. Definitely a couple to remember! 

Taurus and Cancer is one relationship that is constantly reliable and always dependable! These two stay true to their plans no matter what happens. They look after each other which makes their relationship the most stable out of all the zodiac signs. Taurus’ grounded nature soothes the emotional Cancer, while Cancer cares for stubborn Taurus, who always brings a feeling of security to Cancer. They complement each other perfectly! 

Next up is Leo and Libra! These two have amazing communication skills, especially when they’re both doing their own thing. Libra’s never ending charisma and Leo’s passion intertwine to create a colorful duo that never gets boring. They are partners in crime on all things creative and collaborative; and this only works to their advantage. They always work hard to admire the other’s strong suits and help them with their weaknesses, as both of them are constantly working to improve themselves and others.  When these two are together, they’re unstoppable. 

Virgo and Capricorn are undoubtedly the most intelligent and logical partners. This makes them a couple out to conquer the world. Both of these signs want the most out of life and will do whatever it takes to get it. Virgo helps Capricorn find time to take it easy and enjoy life, while Capricorn helps Virgo stay focused and diligent. They’re ambitious about their goals and they know how to stay grounded and smart to achieve them. Success is inevitable for these two, and they both strive to live a lavish lifestyle. Definitely the power couple of the zodiacs! 

Furthermore, we’ve got an innovative team, Sagittarius and Aquarius are a force to be reckoned with! Sagittarius appreciates Aquarius’ constant intelligence, while Aquarius admires Sagittarius’ zeal for life. Alone, they’ve both got a whole lot going for them, but together, they’re like your favorite crime-fighting duo. Both are loyal to making the relationship last. It might seem like two independent signs would never work out, but that makes them a great team in business and relationships. If there’s a more cooperative and productive duo, it hasn’t been found yet (and likely never will). 

To finish off the duos, we’ve got Scorpio and Pisces! This couple is scary when it comes to compromising for each other, but Pisces always makes sure to go with the flow with Scorpio’s stubborn decisions. Scorpio helps Pisces get in touch with their dreams, while Pisces helps Scorpio find empathy and consideration for others. Their similar interests allow them to grow and understand each other well. They’re both incredibly deep and emotional in nature, which only strengthens their bond. These two are inseparable!

At the end of the day, your soulmate isn’t determined by the day they were born. But it’s always fun to see who would be the most compatible with one another, and why we work so well with some people and not others. Similarly, we could always learn from these couples and use them as guiding examples for what you want your future partner to be like.