Ten things I wish I would have known as a freshman

Avery Munns, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Get to know your teachers. Although it may seem pointless, having a good relationship with your teachers will help in a variety of ways. It will be especially helpful when it is senior year and you are trying to figure out who to ask for recommendation letters.
  2. Find one staff member that you can talk to. This can be a teacher, a counselor, a librarian, anyone that you connect with and feel comfortable talking to.
  3. Join a club. Club days are a great opportunity to have fun and spend time with a group of people that share an interest with you. Stay involved in the club and secure a leadership position as an upperclassman.
  4. Get involved in multiple activities. Try to join as many things as you can your freshman year, then narrow the list down as you get older. Colleges want to see that you found a few activities you are very passionate about after trying many different ones.
  5. Take standardized tests seriously. Honestly, start now. Start studying for the ACT, SAT and PSAT. Take them many, many times for practice and make sure you get a score you are happy with.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your teachers or counselor for a tutor if you need one. Grades are very important, so make sure you get help when you need it.
  7. Take a variety of classes. Try to sprinkle in some more enjoyable, interesting subjects with your core classes. By experimenting with different classes, you might find a passion that you want to continue in college.
  8. Volunteer. Get started now. Get involved with an organization that you are passionate about and feel that is doing meaningful work.
  9. If you are not happy, leave. This goes for friendships, sports, activities and most other things in life. If you are not having fun, there is no point in continuing in that activity. You are never obligated to continue with something that you no longer enjoy.
  10. Meet people, make friends. High school is tough, but it is survivable, fun and much easier with good friends by your side. If you don’t have many friends, join new activities to meet new people, sit with new people at lunch, get to know people in your classes, grow closer to those you are acquaintances with and be nice to everyone you meet.