Sometimes, screaming for help is not the best option.

This is how one 16-year-old girl escaped her kidnapper by using hand signals.

Lily C Escalante, Writer/Editor

   This week, a 16 year old girl was saved from her kidnapper, James H. Brick,  after using a hand signal that she saw on Tik Tok. The teen had been reported missing in Asheville, North Carolina, 48 hours after she was found in Kentucky, on the border of Tennessee by a motorist who saw the girl’s signals. With the help of other motorists, they managed to follow the kidnapper’s car until authorities could make it to the scene. 

   The “Signal for Help” went viral on Tik Tok, where the teen had learned it from, and was created by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, but soon spread internationally after the Women’s Funding Network adopted it. 

   As the world has become more knowledgeable about the risks of speaking up when suffering from domestic abuse, kidnappings, or more, we’ve managed to find ways to adapt. Safer alternatives for victims’ of abuse may be calling the police and asking for pizza. That way, authorities can ask for the victim’s address. The “Signal for Help,” can be used when a victim is in a public area, or on a video call, and cannot call to order a pizza. 

   Hand signals like the “Signal for Help” are useful for when you’re in a dangerous situation, need immediate help, and cannot scream for help. The Canadian Women’s Foundation asks that if you do happen to see this signal, “check in with the person safely to find out what they need you to do,” then, “call 911 or your local emergency services.” You may just save a life.