Poem Recommendations: Robert Frost, Edgar Albert Guest, & Maggie Smith

Jordyn Seamans , Writer/Page Design

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

I love this poem and it is quite famous because it has such a wonderful message. The main point is that sometimes taking the road less traveled on is good. Sometimes what is right for us and our lives is not the same as others. A decision always has to be made and you are the only one who can make it for yourself. Weighing out all your options, contemplating too much, and overthinking is normal. One choice really does matter in life. You should always strive to make a difference. Time puts value and importance on all decisions and choices. The main question he asks is ‘How can we make a difference in the world?’. But in the end, it is not important if you follow the crowd, it is important if you do what will let you live a fulfilling life. 


“It Couldn’t Be Done” by Edgar Albert Guest

This is a good poem for anyone who is questioning their ability to do something. Guest’s main theme is to never listen to anybody when they say you can not do something. Always try and never give up. Trying is always good because even when you fail, you can always learn from your mistakes. There are many challenges in life, so always try and keep a positive attitude throughout the rough times. When someone told him he couldn’t do something he tackled it head first and did it. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Tuning out negativity and only listening to yourself is sometimes the best thing you can do. Surrounding yourself by support and positivity is also something that will help you get farther in life. Everyone has ups and downs throughout life and the best thing we can do is keep our heads high and keep trying.


“Good Bones” by Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith uses a lot of repetition throughout her poem. The two phrases she repeats are ‘Life is short’ and ‘I keep this from my children’. These are important because she wants to give them good advice and protect her children at all costs. She has witnessed and been through a lot in her life. This does not keep her from trying to make the best out of everything for her children. She knows there is a lot of violence and hatred in the world, but she wants to show her children the good. She mentions that for every beauty there is evil because good and evil are equal. In today’s society it is hard to trust people because it is easier being evil than being good. She is raising her children to be optimistic and to have the capability of making the world a better place. She can help guide them, but after that it is in their hands on what they decide to do.