Frozen 2 Review

Jordyn Seamans, Writer/Page Design

While everyone is in self-quarantine, we find ourselves having a lot of free time. So, I decided to watch Frozen 2 which blew my expectations out of the water. Not only is it worth the watch if you haven’t seen it, but it makes you laugh during this crazy time we are in right now. And if you haven’t seen Frozen 1 either then I would suggest a little movie night. Both of these movies are available on Disney Plus. If you don’t have Disney Plus they have a free seven day trial that anyone can sign up for.

Usually sequels let you down because the original movie was so good. But not this time, this sequel definitely has a better storyline, and I would argue that it might even have better songs than the original. My favorite song was ‘Lost in the Woods’, this one was the best in my opinion because it kind of sounded like it could be a Queen song.

This movie shows that everyone is capable of overcoming their fears. Which correlates to this time we are in because of the Coronavirus. People can be consumed by fear and the thought of not knowing what is going to happen, but we just have to remember to stay positive.