Rachel Schmutzler

Jordyn Seamans , Writer/Page Designer

Why did you join the women’s wrestling team?

  • “I joined the women’s wrestling team because I thought it would be a really fun experience and honestly, I love the idea of dominating a male-dominated sport. Which is what wrestling is, a male-dominated sport.”

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

  • “My favorite part of the team is how close all the girls already are now, even only being a few weeks in the official season. I also really love the feeling when I pin someone and win a match.”

What “old people” things do you do?

  • “I always have to ask the ‘younger’ kids how a new app works or what is ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ nowadays. I also embroider sometimes, which I guess could be seen as an old person thing to do.”

What is the worst name you could give your future kid?

  • “The worst name I could give my kid would have to be my own name or a combination name of my spouse and I’s name.” 

What did you think was cool as a child, but isn’t cool now?

  • “Rocks. I used to collect rocks when my family would go on vacation. My souvenirs would be rocks from this giant tub of rocks that were at gift shops. I would fill up a bag and then just store them in a storage bin after I got home, but I thought rocks were the coolest thing and now honestly I don’t understand what my hype was over them.”