Disney Plus Review

Alivia Cook, Writer

After Disney released a statement that they would be forming their own streaming service, the internet went crazy. On Nov. 12, Disney Plus opened their website to all viewers. For just $7 a month, you can stream up to 4 devices simultaneously and can create 7 user profiles for different members of the household. Additionally, for $12.99 a month, you can have Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus in one bundle. Although it is a big hit, according to a recent poll of 215 high school students, 57% do not have the streaming service. 

Freshman Mason White says his purchase was worth the wait and money.

“It has a bunch of really good movies that bring me back childhood.” 

These are the shows a majority of us were able to watch growing up and all the new sequels that older teens can enjoy. 

A new show that many people are enjoying is The Mandalorian. It is a Star Wars spin off about a lone gunfighter making his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic. 35% of the poll says that this is their favorite show. It is definitely one to try out if you are interested in Star Wars or Sy-Fy Fantasties. Although, they have shows for nearly anyone to enjoy!