The Endangered Species Act

Major Copeland, Writer

Due to global warming and the continuous harm to the planet created by humans, earth is dying, and many of the living organisms that rely on the planet are dying too. But there are some who realize this and want to do things to prevent this from happening.

One such thing put in place to help is the Endangered Species Act. This act protects certain species from some of the harmful effects of humans. This act also conserves land it gives it to these animals to live on because they have no other place to go. Some politicians are against this act and want to get rid of it. Some say that the act is conserving too much land and because of this certain businesses can’t build on it.  Some would argue that this results in a decline in the economy. But this is not true. It is merely a way for ranching, oil and other companies to make an excuse to destroy habitats for their own personal gain.

There are also individuals that do not believe in global warming, because they don’t really see the effects. To this I say, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

There are catastrophic events happening due to the overwhelming waste and greenhouse gases that we as humans are creating.
There are numerous reports and evidence supporting this threat and many scientist believe that if we as humans don’t begin to reverse the effects of pollution, then the Earth as we know it will be gone much sooner than anyone anticipated. Humans have put so much pollution into the atmosphere, that it is impossible to get all of the waste we added out of the air.

Soon it will be too late to reverse the effects at all. Sometimes it may seem hard to get involved and actually make a difference, but there are several things that individuals can do to make an impact. Some include using reusable water bottles, straws, and bags. While others are riding a bike instead of taking a car or turning off the lights when they’re not being used.

No matter what, everyone should do one thing, no matter how small, to begin to care for the planet that cares so much for us.