The Source of Cramming for Tests

Major Copeland, Writer

Many students have a hard time balancing their school work and extracurriculars. On many an occasion, students end up falling behind. This results in the important preparation for large tests going unnoticed.

Students often speak of the need to stay awake late at night studying for a test that they had neglected or had not had time to prepare for previously.

Junior Josias Canul suggested that teachers should take into consideration the fact that school is not the only part of a teenager’s life, and that other consuming factors should be taken into consideration when assigning work.

“Be lenient on students who have a job or lots of extracurriculars because it’s tough for them to keep up,” Canul said.

However, this problem is not only as a results of teachers. There are ways in which students need to manage their schedules in order to find time to finish school work and prepare for tests. Canul explained his trouble in this regard.

“It had to do with the issues going on in the moment,” Canul said. “If I have stuff going on now and a test in a week, I’ll focus on the stuff going on now.”

As for ways to fix the problem of having to cram for tests, Canul also made what he thought to be a helpful suggestion.

“Instead of rereading notes, try to do practice problems. It helps to review multiple things at once instead of one thing at a time,” Canul said.

Canul also gave a suggestion for teachers and how they can help reduce the work and stress placed upon students.

“Teachers should assign less homework and focus on hand on, in class activities,” Canul said.