Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

Major Copeland, Writer

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In the 21st Century cell phones have become a prominent part of most people’s lives. But do using these portable communicators harm humans and the way we think?

Cell phones were introduced in April of 1973. The first mobile phone was created by Martin Cooper.

During this time there was a race to create the first ever cell phone. When Cooper was finally successful,the first person that he called was his rival, Joel Engel, who was also trying achieve the same goal.

After this phones began to take off. In 1996 mobile phones changed their appearance and became more appealing to consumers which was a breakthrough that lead to their increased popularity.

With an always changing economy and improvements every year, the cell phone eventually became the one we know today, the flip phone, and the smartphone.

With the creation and popularization of these devices has brought with it health issues.  The constant usage of phones and the video and games played, create a loss in retention and decreases the attention spans of people who use their phones often. This can create issues both in and out of the classroom. With shortened attention spans students can’t focus for long periods of time. Because of this it is hard for students to concentrate and many become confused because they checked out during a lesson

This may also affect people later in life. If they are at work and lose interest or can’t concentrate they may not be able to finish their work in time.

Some people may even say that they are dependent on screen time to get through their day.

Since a large percentage of the population does use their phones multiple times a day, when one doesn’t have it, they begin to crave it. Almost like an addiction.

This can be a real problem especially for teens. Without their phones close by, many don’t know what to do and get bored easily which can also be a result of decreased retention.

Besides shortened attention span, cell phones can also lead to possibly dangerous health risks such as cancer.

The radio waves transmitted through cell phones pass radio frequency radiation, according to, this may lead to some health issues and possibly brain tumors.

While they don’t say to completely stop using ones phone, taking breaks throughout the day and going several hours without using a cellular device will greatly decrease the risk of cancer or other health issues.

Overall phones have become an essential part of human’s day to day lives. Even so distancing yourself from these cellular devices every once and a while  to live a possibility healthier and happier life.

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