Students Need to Volunteer

Marta Johnston, Writer

Volunteering is an act greatly appreciated in many areas of life. Those applying for jobs and colleges who have volunteer activities included on their applications are more likely to get jobs or gain placement at a college. Helping organizations fulfill their needs regardless of any earned income is, in many cases, beneficial to their success.

In many schools, the act of volunteering is a necessary graduation requirement. Additional groups, the National Honors Society being a prevalent example, require hours in this regard for admission.

As mentioned previously, resume building is often a popular way that many are able to boost their chances of receiving a job. Both teens and adults who are able to show an ability to commit to their community are likely to have a greater impact on future employers.

Dedication to service outside of a job is likely to cause organizations to expect this sort of adherence in a management setting as well. Statistically, 60% of employers find volunteering as a valuable act in the people who they are hiring, as was found in a study by Careerbuilder.

Volunteering has also been proven to cause success in other fields as well; time management and decision making. Also, by offering services in areas outside of one’s comfort zone, many are able to gain abilities that they may not elsewhere.

The act of volunteering is an overall beneficial aspect for many areas of every community. Many volunteer opportunities involve helping organizations largely in need of the assistance such as local hospitals and animal shelters. An Independent Sector Study stated that the work of volunteers averages the equivalent of $24.14 an hour, meaning that while participants work for free, their work is invaluable.

High school students in particular can also use these opportunities to connect with the society that they live in, and connect their actions to the things that have learned from their educators in school.

Leadership and communication are skills that can only be maintained by their outward usage. These beneficial attributes are only some that can be gained by means of volunteering.