Pop Up Good Vibes Museum


Danielle Pancoast, Print Editor

On Saturday, Jan. 27, I went to Lawrence, Kan. to visit the Museum of Good Vibes. This is a travelling museum designed for people of all ages to go and take pictures. This museum contains a ball pit, confetti room, wall of balloons, streamers maize, secret mirror room, and a swing, along with various pastel colored walls and neon signs.

There was also a station for everyone to write letters to their friends or family, and decorate them with stickers and colored pens. After the letter is written, they write the address on it and put it in a mailbox. The museum then stamps and mails out all the letters.

I learned about this museum through various instagram posts from my friends. I decided to try it out and was not disappointed. The venue was much smaller than I thought it would be, as it was in an old juice stop building.

When you walk into the place, there is a blue wall with a Good Vibes Only sticker on it, along with some disco balls and silver streamers to the left. After this, you pay at the counter and wait until your turn to go in. They have a maximum amount of people they let in at a time so the wait was kind of long but not unbearable.

Once you are let in, there a room with confetti all over the ground that you are welcome to throw around and take pictures however you want. There is also another corner with disco balls and one wall covered in little squares or mirror.

In each room, there is a big circular light that you can move around to ensure you get the best lighting for your pictures.

After the confetti room, there is a hallway where the letters are located and then another room where the streamers and swing are. There is also a secret room that appears to be an old storage closet that is covered floor to ceiling in mirrors.

Once you go back out to the confetti room, next to it is a room with a ball pit and balloon covered wall.

The ball pit is filled with pastel colored balls and although it is not very big, it is the perfect size for a few people to climb in the take pictures. Lastly, after the pink balloon covered wall, you walk through one more set of silver streamer and that is where the museum ends.

The cost was $9 and you get to stay in there for however long you want, moving at your own pace. They played music the whole time that was well known and had most of the guests singing their entire visit. All the workers were very friendly and willing to take group pictures for you when needed.

It was a lot more compact and crowded than I was expecting, but with the body count limit and various different rooms, were rarely had to wait on anyone to get our pictures.

The workers also had cameras set up so they were able to monitor each room and make sure everyone was acting appropriately. It was ran very well and efficiently and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to go on a photo shoot spree.

This museum was a cool idea that I had never seen before and really connected to this generations teenagers and even some adults. It is only in Lawrence for another week and then will be in Kansas City, Kan. for a valentine’s day special from Feb. 8-14. This place was very affordable and enjoyable, with a relaxing and aesthetic environment fit for anyone.