Vaping in Schools

Sidney Koch, Writer

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Vaping in the school restrooms has become a known and frowned upon issue.

“It’s not suggested or encouraged because nicotine and the chemical vapor is very bad for you.” Said student Rai Turner. “If you feel the need to do it then just do it at home, doing that at school is just extra.” Many people have commented on the issue like,

Staff member Samantha Ingenthron, also known as ‘Sam’, said, “Vaping is very unhealthy for you, it’s more dangerous than smoking a cigarette.” when asked what the school is doing to prevent kids vaping in the school she said “There’s not much the school can do but record the bathrooms when it is reported.” she also commented that, “Students caught vaping are taken to an assistant Principal.” If you are caught vaping it’s a Level 3 Possession of Tobacco. First offence is a 3 hour, second is a one day suspension. Third offence is a three day suspension, on the fourth offence it’s a five day suspension and recommendation for a long term suspension. You can find more information on page 26 of the ststudent handbook.

Another student Faith Seibert, gave her opinion and vaping in the bathrooms. “It’s dumb, why would you want to do that at school?” she said. “It’s okay as long as you’re of age to do it.

Jasmine Reese, M.D., Director of the Adolescent and Young Adult Specialty Clinic at Johns Hopkins’ All Children’s Hospital, states in her article ‘The Dangers of Vaping and E-Cigarettes, ’ Recent data has shown that more than 2 million middle school and high school students in the United States have used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days. Although these electronic vaping devices are the most commonly used tobacco product among youth, they are not safe and teens and parents need to be aware.”  Another piece from this article states how dangerous vaping really is.

Nicotine is addictive and causes harmful effects to the adolescent brain, which is still developing. Aerosols produced by e-cigarettes and vaping devices are also harmful to the lungs and contain toxic cancer-causing chemicals and other harmful agents such as volatile substances, ultra-fine particles, and heavy metals like nickel, tin and lead.

Vaping is strongly discouraged for teens and especially frowned about in an educational situation.

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