The Perks of Knowing Multiple Languages

Emily Hoopes, Writer

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All social animals communicate with each other, from bees and ants to whales and apes, but only humans have developed a language which is more than a set of prearranged signals.

Knowing a language allows a person to communicate with anyone containing the same ability. However, the variety of people to talk to is limited to only those who speak the same language. There are over 5000 languages in the world with a different number of people knowing each one. These languages are linked to each other by shared words or sounds or grammatical constructions, but are still drastically unalike.

With languages being the one thing that can connect us all, being fluent in more than one is a skill worth having and could benefit many in certain situations down the road.

According to the United States Census Bureau American Community Survey more than 20 percent of the United States population speaks a language other than English. This mean over 64 million people with in America do not speak the language that is most common.

Knowing a language plays a role in understanding people from other countries and being able to communicate with them can open many doors. Many career opportunities such as: people that are bilingual in a job that requires interaction with people, will more than half the time earn more compared to their counterpart who only knows one language.

There are benefits as an adult, but studies have show it can affect a child as well if another language is learned at a young age. From childhood to adulthood, the human brain is growing and taking in all kinds of information, this skill could allow kids to excel in school.

It is proven to be easier to learn a language at a young age due the the ability to take in more information. Which in return creates stronger empathy towards others and awareness of the world.

Knowing one language could get someone by, but obtaining a bilingual or multilingual status can bring many more things into a lifetime. Travelling would become easier and just the ability to understand the cultures around the world would come with ease.

Being able to communicate is a necessity to life, but more importantly being able to talk in more than one language is a quality we all should have.

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