Student Assists Mills

Brittney Wilson, Writer

This winter, the Washburn Rural High School theater will be putting on a production of the highly acclaimed 1978 film Grease.

Occasionally overlooked, behind-the-scenes crewmembers play a significant role in the production of the musical.

Senior Lindsay Haddock is assisting Vocal Director Michael Mills for the production.

“I help teach people the vocal music along with Mr Mills,” Haddock said. “Mr. Mills decided to have an assistant because the other directors have assistants and find them very helpful. Additionally, Mills’s wife is having a baby in January, and I will be taking over while he is gone.”

Haddock reports that her goal for the production is to help the singers sound their best once they hit the stage.

“I believe that this role fits me well,” Haddock said. “I have a lot of passion for music, and I enjoy helping other people feel that joy.”

Haddock has been learning vocal technique since the fourth grade, though she grew up surrounded music. She says that music plays an important role within her family.

“I grew up around lots of musical people, specifically my family,” Haddock said. “It helps me connect with my brother, who has Cerebral palsy and is nonverbal because of it.”

Personally, Haddock says that she has considered becoming a choir teacher in the future, and she hopes to gain some experience through this opportunity.

“I would like to figure out if this is something I would like to do later in life,” Haddock said. “Working with people also always helps me grow. I hope to learn a lot by shadowing Mills.”

Overall, Haddock says that she is excited to get to know the cast. Additionally, she is interested in how the audience will perceive the Washburn Rural rendition of the classic film.

“I’m interested to see how people perceive it, because Grease is such a popular show. The people in the cast are really talented and I think the audience will be pleased.”