Something Borrowed: Movie vs Book Review

Danielle Pancoast, Print Editor

Many have heard of the very popular movie Something Borrowed staring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Collin Egglesfield, John Krasinski, and Steve Howey, but some may not have known about the book by Emily Giffin that this wonderful movie was made from. I for one was one of those people until my friend brought to my attention how not only was there a Something Borrowed book, but there is a sequel called Something Blue.

As most movies made from books, this one has its flaws and steered away from the book in many places. However, unlike some, it was not so changed that the differences outweighed the similarities, which I always appreciate in a movie.

One major difference they did was give John Krasinski’s character Ethan a much bigger role in the movie than he had in the book. In the book, Ethan lived in England and Rachel did call and talk to him a lot but the only time she was actually with him was the short time before the wedding that she flew to see him. This also happened in the movie, but Ethan was never in New York with them and never went to the Hamptons over the weekend.

Another character they messed up on was Rachel and Darcy’s childhood friend Annalise. She did not necessarily play a huge role in the book but it was also not worth leaving her out completely. Choosing to not have her in the movie left out a few scenes that I think were beneficial and added to the story.

For instance, Annalise served as a median between the two for much of the book. She was always in the loop on what was happening. When the girls went back to their hometown for Annalise’s baby shower, situations that happened there created major conflict and tension between the two girls that really made a contribution to their soon to end friendship. They should have cut down Ethan’s part and added in an Annalise.

Other than that, the overall story and many of the little details were spot on. Rachel and Dex had a relationship behind Darcy’s back and the wedding was called off. Darcy got pregnant by one of Dex’s groomsmen shortly before she found out Dex had been cheating. Darcy ends up alone and Rachel and Dex end the movie living a happy life together.

This is personally one of my favorite movies and books and I would not hesitate to watch or read it again. However, the gist of the story does bother me a little bit. It pretty much condoles cheating with your best friend’s fiance because in the end, Rachel got everything she wanted and chose a boy over her life long best friend. It makes it seem like cheating is a good thing and good things can come out of it which I believe is wrong and it is never okay to cheat.