Habits of Successful Students

Gwen Clark, Writer

Getting good grades can be a challenge, and many students hope to get high grades at the end of the semester. Colleges consider grades to measure your success in high school. Students who get good grades take responsibility for their actions, because grades depend on how much effort a student gives. English teacher Nicholas Bowling says students must be organized and keep consistent study habits.

“We know that organization and time management directly impact quality of learning,” Bowling said. “The more organized and disciplined the student, the more likely he or she is to find success.”

Sophomore Jean Boac follows those habits to earn good grades in her classes.

“I stay organized with my work, I listen to the teacher when they are talking, and I do all my work on time,” Boac said.

Note-taking is an important skill that must be utilized in class. Notes can come in handy when reviewing for a test, so students should write down important points a teacher discusses.

The more organized and disciplined the student, the more likely he or she is to find success.”

— Nicholas Bowling

“While note-taking, ask questions! Don’t just copy whatever is said or written by the teacher. Instead, students should find ways to transform the words of the teacher into their own authentic means of expressing the same idea,” Bowling said.

Students should get to know their teachers. Teachers usually come to school early to help students and they are also available during advisory.

“Teachers will do whatever they can to help you, and if you are willing to sit down with your teacher during advisory, it will help,” Bowling said.

Every student has their own way they prepare for their tests. Sophomore Jayden Johnson utilizes tools she is given in class to review before an exam.

“I fill out my study guides and study with friends,” Johnson said. “I try to study a few nights in advance of a test [or] quiz.”

Boac also completes study guides to prepare for her quizzes and tests.

“I prepare by doing the reviews and study guides,” Boac said. “ I also make quizlets to practice.”

Some students worry about how their grades will affect their grade point average.

“It is important to have a high GPA, because colleges look at my grades,” Boac said.

In class, it is important to remain focused to learn the material taught.

“Stay focused even when it’s 8:00 in the morning,” Bowling said. “Be mentally present at all times, and you’ll get it.” 

Johnson says that students hoping to earn higher grades should put effort into their learning.

“Get all your work done and take the time to go over the information you need,” Johnson said.

If students stay organized, take good notes, get to know their teachers, have good study habits, and stay focused, they will most likely be rewarded with the grades they want at the end of the semester.

“I expect students to own their learning,” Bowling said. ” I want them to come to class prepared to engage with the world’s ideas.”