New caramel flavored M&M’s to be produced solely in Topeka

I feel like they would be kind of weird, because of their shell and it is just gooey on the inside

— Sophomore Aynsley Appelhanz

What is the best type of M&M’s? The classic milk chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, pretzel, crispy, dark chocolate, almond, mint or all of them?

In May of 2017, the M&M’s list will expand to include caramel M&M’s. While celebrating their 75th year of producing M&M’s, Mars announced they are going to release caramel-filled M&M’s to the market. The new flavor is going to be made solely at the Mars plant in Topeka.

The Topeka factory which was opened in early 2014 and produces M&M’s and Snickers has been a major source of jobs for the city. Next year it will be even more important to the Mars company than it is now, as it will be the only place producing the caramel-filled candies.

The caramel M&M’s announcement caused different reactions. It came as a shock to some, but others, like sophomore Alex Scerbo, knew about the to-be-released flavor before the official announcement.

Scerbo said he has known about the future product for a few months now because his dad works at the plant.

Some students have reservations about the new M&M’s candies.

“I feel like they would be kind of weird, because of their shell and it is just gooey on the inside,” sophomore Aynsley Appelhanz said.

Appelhanz is not the only one who has doubts about the caramel M&M’s.

Sophomore Jimin Park said he thinks the candy “sounds like garbage.”

While Appelhanz expressed that she will be trying the M&M’s regardless of her concerns, Park said he will not be trying them.

Another person who is awaiting the release of the Caramel M&M’s is art teacher Michael Mize who said he will “definitely try them.”

Mars has attempted a few other unique flavors throughout the years, from birthday cake to mint, some of which have been more successful than others. The real question is will caramel M&M’s fall flat like the strawberried peanut butter flavor in 2009 or become a common favorite like the pretzel flavor that was introduced in 2010?