Student Spotlight; Dylan Dodge


Hadlie Brady, Writer

For this week’s student spotlight we have decided to focus on our boys tennis players. We have interviewed junior Dylan Dodge on his experience in tennis and their season. 

  • What has highschool tennis taught you so far?
    • “Highschool has taught me so far the importance of competing with a team goal in mind rather than solely for individual success. This new mindset has gave me a deeper motivation to do my best for my team and school’s success.”
  • How do you prepare for your games?
    • “I prepare by hydrating often and frequent with water and various electrolyte mixes. As for my mental preparation, I listen to music before my matches and visualize the desirable outcome before walking on court.”
  • What do you believe was one of your weaknesses this season?
    • “I believe one of my weaknesses this season was lack of giving my body the rest and recovery measures it needed to be 100% when it came time for the tournaments.”
  • Do you have any advice to younger kids wanting to start playing tennis? 
    • “My advice for aspiring tennis players is to find friends early on to hit on a regular basis, ideally with ones that have similar goals in mind to push each other to be the best tennis players you can be.”
  • What is a favorite memory you have from this years season? 
    • My favorite memory so far from this years season is when we beat our city rival, Topeka West, in the doubles final. The match was  crazy intense and ended in a tiebreaker to decide the match.”