Student Spotlight; Lawson Labatos


Hadlie Brady, Writer

For this week’s student spotlight we have decided to focus on our boys tennis players. We have interviewed junior Lawson Labatos on his experience in tennis and their season. 

  • When did you start playing tennis?
    • I started playing tennis when I was in 6th grade, so around 11-12 years old.”
  • Do you prefer singles or doubles?
    • I prefer singles over doubles.”
  • What was one of your biggest strengths this season?
    • One of my biggest strengths I feel is having good enough ground strokes to be able to hit with anyone I play.”
  • Are you wanting to further your tennis career in college? If so, where?
    • It would be fun to play in college, but I don’t think I will.”
  • Do you gave any pregame rituals? 
    • I don’t have any pregame rituals before my matches.”