STUCO Spotlight; Rural Rumble

Hadlie Brady, Writer

For this week’s student spotlight we have talked to our stuco about the new school event, Rural Rumble, and how they had come up with it and planned it. 


  • Did we ever do this in the past or try to? 
    • As far as we know WRHS has not had an event like this for quite some time. I was not able to find out the last time we hosted an event like this, but staff here don’t seem to remember, which means it must have been a long time ago. The Student Council started working on plans for it in the past, but wasn’t able to find a good date and time, so we are happy to be hosting it this year.”
  • How long did it take to put this into play?
    • We have been planning and approving this event since last Spring (2022). Students reached out to other schools to see how they ran the event and looked into the logistics about sign-up, set-up and rules. We have invested many hours into planning and one of our Co-Presidents (Lillian Clark) did all of the posters, advertisements and shirt designs. She had been working on those for a couple of months.”
  • Is it going as well as you thought it would with students signing up? 
    • Sign up went pretty smoothly. We had some minor details that we made note of for next year, but in general the process went well. We had more students sign-up than we originally thought, which is great!” 
  • If this year goes well do you plan on doing it again next year?
    • Yes! If the event goes over well, we hope to continue this event in the future. Students seem to be excited about it and it should be a lot of fun.”
  • What were some troubles coming up with this event?
    • One of the biggest struggles was finding a date that would work for most of our student body. The schedule at WRHS is very full with activities all year round and we needed to find a date that would have decent weather, which narrowed it down greatly. Once we found the date and got that going, the other challenge was managing the timeline to make sure we were on track for shirts, equipment, communications, etc.”
  • Were any rules changed compared to the original game powder puff?
    • It is hard to say if “original” rules have been changed as we didn’t host this in the past. We found many rules from other schools and adapted those to fit our school and the number of teams we had signed up for. We hope that our rules for the game will be thorough enough, but we can always add/change them for the future if need be.”
  • What kinds of entertainment will be there?
    • As of right now, we did not have students sign-up to provide entertainment. We think the games should be entertaining as they will be fast paced with a running clock. We hope that students come to support their classmates and friends and cheer them on. We will also have the concessions open, so that spectators and players can buy food and drinks during the evening. If this event goes over well, maybe we will inspire some interest for students to provide more entertainment next year. The more involvement from students, the better!”
  • Do you think that a lot of the student body will come to support?
    • It is really hard for us to say how many students will come out to support the players. I have heard many students talking about it and we have over 100 students signed-up to play, so we hope to see at least 100 additional students come out to support, but we have no way of knowing. Entry is only $1, so we hope students take advantage of this and come out and enjoy the fun!”