Student Spotlight; Noah Hart

Hadlie Brady, Writer

For this week’s student spotlight we have interviewed Junior Noah Hart from the cast of our own schools play; Clue. 

  • When did you first start theatre?
    • I first started theatre 2 years ago with Puffs.”
  • Did you get the role you tried out for in Clue?
    • I tried out for Wadsworth, Green, and Plum and I got Plum so yes.”
  • In the play Clue what was one of the most difficult things to remember? 
    • The transitions were tricky to remember which doors I ran in and out of.”
  • What has been your favorite play you have participated in so far?
    • Clue has been my favorite production so far.”
  • Share a favorite memory of yours.
    • The work days are always fun to be a part of.”