Student Spotlight; Josephine Mitchell

Hadlie Brady, Writer

For this week’s student spotlight we have interviewed Junior Josephine Mitchell from the cast of our own schools play; Clue. 

  • Did you always know you wanted to act?
    • Yes, I have been performing since I was three years old because my grandparents saw how much theatre brought out my character. I am forever thankful for the opportunity to perform, especially from such a young age, it truly shaped who I am today.”
  • Are you planning on pursuing theatre as a career?
    • I would love to continue to perform. It has been a great part of my life, so continuing it would be a dream. I just hope I will be able to inspire others to also begin or continue to pursue theatre, whether professionally, in the community or just by playing theatrical games.”
  • How long did you rehearse for the play Clue?
    • We rehearsed for about 2 whole months. Auditions were in February, as well as our first rehearsals. We did end up taking a break from practices for spring break but came back and began to dedicate even more to the play.”
  •  What is one of the hardest things when it comes to theatre?
    • Theatre takes an incredible amount of work. For me, the hardest part is the hours devoted to the stage. There are so many components that go into making a show from developing characters to working with fellow actors to operating with the set. Despite the precious time it takes it is an amazing experience and the result makes the work all worth it.”
  • Share a favorite memory of yours.
    • “One of my favorite memories from Clue has to be anytime working with the cast’s amazing skill and creativity during the blocking process. Each character delivered something unique in the show that made rehearsals a really fun part of being there every day.”