Student Spotlight; Leah Meek

Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this week’s student spotlight we are focusing on our Shack members. We have asked senior Lukas Hanks a few question about his involvement in the Shack.

  • Do all of you run the website or just one person?
    • All of us run the website and learn how to use it.”
  • What are the shacks open times?
    • The Shack is open during all 3 lunches every day!”
  • Would you recommend working in the Shack to underclassman? Why? 
    • Yes, it teaches you a lot about how to actually run a business. It also builds good people and teamwork skills. I’ve gotten really close with some other people in this class too which makes it fun.”
  • What skills have you learned from working in the shack?
    • I’ve learned how to be more tech-savvy, think strategically, be creative, and have better customer service skills.”
  • Why did you join the Shack?
    • “I joined the Shack to become more involved in the business department and see if I would enjoy something like this as a future profession.”